Ligurian Sea

Class was on Wednesday, January 27th. These were the wines:

How you’d see it on a list
Sulauze, “Galinette”, Côteau d’Aix-en-Provence, France 2018

Who made it? Karina and Guillaume Lefèvre, and their team.
Out of what? Grenache blanc, ugni blanc (alias trebbiano toscano), clairette and vermentino planted on sand over limestone in Provence, on a 29 hectare biodynamically certified estate that includes wheat and barley fields, a brewery, olive trees, and a vegetable garden.
Made how? Co-fermented with native yeasts, 90% in steel and a bit in used barrel, aged in tank and bottled without filtration and with minimal sulfur.

How you’d see it on a list
Bruna, Pigato, Riviera Ligure di Ponente, “Le Russeghine”, Liguria, Italy 2019

Who made it? Francesca Bruna, Francesca’s husband Roberto, and “two very skillful young men” named Ardian and Elvis.
Out of what? Pigato (a.k.a. vermentino, favorita, rolle), from estate-owned vines over 25 years old; the core is from the Russeghine vineyard overlooking the village of Ranzo Borgo, on reddish clay/limestone.
Made how? Temperature-controlled fermentation with native yeasts in tank, aged in steel and large wood barrel. 

How you’d see it on a list: Tenuta Anfosso (or just Anfosso, since tenuta is the word for ‘estate’), Rossese de Dolceacqua Superiore, Liguria, Italy 2015

Who made it? Alessandro Anfosso and Marisa Perrotti; at (a tiny!) 5.5 hectares, their estate is one of the area’s top three largest, with fewer than 90 hectares all told.
Out of what? Rossese on limestone marls and sandstone, mostly young vines from recent plantings around the estate, practicing (but not certified) organic.
Made how? Partly destemmed, fermented with native yeasts in a combination of steel tank and used barrels; aged for 11 months in acacia barrel (and then another five [!] years in bottle, by the time we’re drinking it). I would guess a higher degree of sulfur addition, like 50-60ppm, given how long it takes to come out of its shell, but it’s not mentioned.

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