In-Person @ Rule of Thirds 12.13

Some grape varieties are the song everybody sings along to at the live shows or gets tattooed on their ribs. Some are just the payola radio earworm you can’t escape. But beyond the greatest hits and the lead singles, there’s a lot of pleasure and surprise waiting if you dig through the back catalogue. 

The Journey
I’ve raided the cellar at Leon & Son for wines made from grapes overlooked, misplaced, and almost lost. There will be brilliant session musicians getting to play on their own for a change, and deep cuts saved from extinction (to keep extending the metaphor). From the heart of the Alps to beyond the Pillars of Hercules, we’ll taste things few ever get to try—gascon? verdesse? moscatel de Chipiona?—and talk about why. 

The Place
We’ll be returning to one of the (heated!) pavilions at Rule of Thirds, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, which are magical places to taste: a handful of seats around a small communal bar, enclosed in wood panels and movable screens.    

The Bottom Line
Altogether, we’ll talk and taste through seven rare bottles over a little under an hour and a half, and close with a little something from the Rule of Thirds team to get the rest of your night started.

There will be a single seating, at 7pm on Monday, December 13th, limited to 8 people. If there is enough interest, we’ll open up the dividing screen and another bottle of everything to accommodate 8 more. Tickets are $101 inclusive of tax and gratuity.  If you’d like to stay for dinner, the pavilion is yours for the evening (and the after-party).

[buy tickets]

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