Wine Pairing, i

We sometimes fixate on the idea of perfect pairings: two ounces that are the only acceptable match for a single forkful of ingredients.   But ‘what do I drink?’ is a question with no single correct answer. And it’s as much about the moment as it is the food.  Here’s what that calculus looked like for me,Continue reading “Wine Pairing, i”

Class Recap: “Crossing the Rhine”

Alsace may be in France, but it faces Germany. There is sausage, and coq au vin made with riesling, and grape varieties named on the labels of your tall, fluted wine bottles. Across the Rhine, Baden grows a bunch of grape varieties whose names mean “from Burgundy”. Württemberg drinks juicy, glou-glou red from a grapeContinue reading “Class Recap: “Crossing the Rhine””

In-Person: “Licking Rocks”

Show notes for an in-person tasting exploring minerality at Winona’s in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn on Wednesday, 11.3.2021.

Class Recap: “Muscat: Not Sweet!”

Muscat(s)! A two thousand year old name (Persian muchk, Greek moskos) for the fragrance derived from the gland of the male musk deer, and so synonymous with perfume: ‘muscat’ can be one of over 200 distinct white, pinkish, or black-berried varieties grown all over the world.   They were selected because you could smell them justContinue reading “Class Recap: “Muscat: Not Sweet!””