“A gnostic history of wine color”

Note: This piece was originally published winter 2021 in Disgorgeous Zine Volume 2: Color. Find stockists and support the zine here. Grapes aren’t red or white. They are green, or gold, pink or purple or black, speckled like a bird’s egg or dusty as though sifted with flour. Mostly they’re round but sometimes they’re finger-shaped, like tinyContinue reading ““A gnostic history of wine color””

Wine Pairing, ii

It doesn’t have to be with food at all, of course. A wine can match a moment, a change in the air, an emotion. There are seven years of age on this Mediterranean white (the vines cling to the steep northeast-facing hillside of metamorphic rock and brush around Latour-de-France at the foot of the Pyrénées).Continue reading “Wine Pairing, ii”

Wine Pairing, i

We sometimes fixate on the idea of perfect pairings: two ounces that are the only acceptable match for a single forkful of ingredients.   But ‘what do I drink?’ is a question with no single correct answer. And it’s as much about the moment as it is the food.  Here’s what that calculus looked like for me,Continue reading “Wine Pairing, i”