There’s more great wine being made in more places in the world today than somebody in my position thirty years ago could have imagined.

Marginalized regions neglected for decades are waking up. Farmers are renewing soils long dead from industrial agriculture. New generations of makers are rediscovering local heritage, and experimenting with things nobody’s seen before. People who tradition has locked out of winemaking, land ownership, and compensation for their labor are fighting for, and gaining, access.

I fell in love with wine because you could see the whole world through it. What do you want to think about? Geology, history, chemistry? Climate change, settler colonialism, imperial borders? Aesthetic philosophy, shipping logistics, how trees talk to one another? It’s all in the glass.​ 

These tastings bring bottles of wine that I love to your doorstep, and with them, the world.

Each class kit serves 1-5 people. Kits include three bottles of wine, a link to the session, and pre- and post-class emails with a weekly playlist, food pairings and service suggestions.

You can join the interactive remote session, or opt for the recording and taste on your own time. NYC delivery and nationwide shipping are fulfilled through our Brooklyn-based retail partner, Leon & Son.

Summer Vacation(s)

Grape kid is backpacking through Europe for the summer! We’re taking a more relaxed pace and spending time exploring some of the diverse, fascinating places to drink today. Pop in for one episode a la carte or get an entire package tour at a case discount, with bonus bottles and some original art as a keepsake of your journey.

The first four episodes will explore Catalunya, from the Mediterranean coast to the foothills of the Pyrenees.

In the second set of four, we’ll dig into the deep roots, multilingual identities, and kaleidoscopic wine traditions of Central Europe.

See below for capsule descriptions of each episode, and click through for more!

Ep. 1: “Parles Català?”
Saturday 6.18
history and grapes. the crown of Aragon, seafaring merchants, vernatxa three ways. more details

Ep. 2: “Beyond Cava”
Thursday 6.23
land and $$$. coastal regions around Barcelona, grapes of cava, no bubbles. more details

Ep. 3: “Over the Mountain”
Saturday 7.8
rocks and borders. climbing the Pyrenees from Empordà to Agly. more details

Bonus Ep. “For the Cellar”
three new bottles to save and share at your leisure, and a couple of keepsakes from your travels. more details

Ep. 5: “Imperial Free City”
Thursday 7.23
blurred borders and local specialties in the hills of Trieste, the Dalmatian Coast, and the Styrian frontier. more details

Ep. 6: “Under the Volcano”
Saturday 8.6
deep dive into the smoke and salt of the slumbering hill of Somló. what is minerality? more details

Ep. 7: “Czech-Slovak”
Saturday, 8.13
mutually intelligible dialects, the riddle of welschriesling, and more coming soon

Bonus Ep. “For the Cellar”
three new bottles to save and share at your leisure, and a couple of keepsakes from your travels more details coming soon


After two years of remote work during the pandemic, we’ve begun to figure out safe ways to learn to be out in the world again. Below are a few of the places we’ve been recently, and a couple of places we’re about to be! For recaps of past events and classes, check out the library.

The Children’s Atlas of Wine is going to Maine
Part of what I’m insisting on calling an ‘East Coast tour.’ If you’re going to the Maine Wild Wine Fest come say hi!

While I’m in the neighborhood, I’m popping up at a couple of places run by friends and all-around good people:

Maine & Loire
Portland, ME

A tasting of three wines that explores just how wide the spectrum of flavors unlocked by natural fermentation can be—and how we talk about it.

Thursday, 19 May

seating limited to 15 people, proof of vaccination required. more info and tickets here.

Camden, ME

An exploration of five of the new places and people that are emerging to redefine what’s possible in North American wine, from Baja California to Nova Scotia.

Sunday, 22 May

seating limited to 20 people. a by-the-glass happy hour takeover open to all will follow. more info and tickets here.

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