“Licking Rocks”

Why do wine people light up when someone mentions limestone? How do you smell schist? Where is the taste of slate?
There’s more than one answer to the question! Part of the problem might be that a single word* is being used to mean a few things that are completely different from one another. Part of the problem might be that words themselves sometimes fail us. But of all of the ways to solve a problem, or untangle a riddle, the most fun way is to go digging into some actual wines.


The Place
We’ll return to Winona’s, a big-hearted wine bar/café/restaurant on the northernmost bit of Bed-Stuy. We’ll cluster around small tables in their private backroom, get acquainted with some geology, and taste what it can do!

The Rocks
I’ve spelunked into the Leon & Son cellar to unearth some treats that will help us crystallize the issue. From the metamorphic to the sedimentary, basalt to chalk, fossilized stars to buntsandstein, we’ll explore what minerality can mean.

The Bottom Line
The workshop will be two seatings at 6 & 8PM on Wednesday, November 3rd; each will last an hour and a half. We’ll taste through 6 or 7 wines grown on some of the best rocks in the world, and there will be some class materials to play with, too. Tickets are $77 per person inclusive of tax & gratuity. Participants are welcome to sit for dinner outside on Winona’s patio after the workshop; if interested, we recommend making a reservation to avoid waiting for a table.

Seating is indoors and limited to 20 people. Vaccination is a prerequisite for attendance, in accordance with current state guidance and also all of our health and safety!

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