Maine Wild Wine Fest

We’re back at Maine Wild Wine Fest this May for its second year, and this time around they’ve added seminars + education to its programming. (Here’s last summer’s newsletter, fresh off the festival.)

A little more info about the workshop we’ll be presenting is below. (We’ll also be popping up, as last year, at Maine & Loire and up the coast at Wolfpeach—stay tuned for more details!)

‘What’s a Hybrid?’ An Introduction to the Wines in our Backyard
Wolfe’s Neck Center’s Mallet Barn, Freeport, Maine
Noon — 12:45pm / $20 per person
[tickets here]

Tens of thousands of years before apples and European grape vines were brought across the Atlantic to North America, dozens of different vine species called these landscapes home. Adapted to local pests and climate, their genetics make them uniquely suited to weather challenges that would spell the end of a less-prepared plant. Today, that heritage is finding its way into winemaking that redefines what it means to drink locally.

Wine educator James Sligh of the Children’s Atlas of Wine will introduce us to the world of hybrid vines through three New England wines. We’ll taste wines made from hybrid grapes from La Garagista, Oyster River Winegrowers, and Iapetus, talk about the history of wine beyond Western Europe, and get a glimpse into its future.

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